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DSG Downloader for Smule is a Smule downloader app to download audio (M4A or MP3) or video (MP4) from Smule. Downloaded MP3 file will have song title, cover album, performers name and song lyrics.

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Try our web application

  • Enter Smule Link or Song ID in the text box below and click "Submit" button.
  • You will be redirected to https://pwa.smuledownloader.com.
  • Click "Search" button to get the song details and then you can click "Download" button to download the song.


Song Lists

Showing your Smule's Channel and Favorite song lists.

Download Audio/Video

Download audio (M4A) or video (MP4) from Smule.

Convert audio/video to MP3

Listen to Converted MP3 songs using offline music player.

MP3 Tags

Song title, performer name and cover image are embedded into MP3.

Embedded lyrics

Song lyrics are embedded into MP3.


You can search songs by using song title, smule id, hash tag or song url.

Direct share from Smule

You can share a song from Smule directly to DSG Downloader app.

No Ads

No annoying ads.


DSG Downloader is free of charge.

Why do I need this apps?

Save your Internet quota by downloading your Smule songs and listen to it offline using music player.

You may also want to backup the song in case your duet partner account is frozen, you have been blocked or the song has been deleted.

Playing downloaded song with lyrics using Music Player
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How do I start?

Get the app

You can download "DSG Downloader for Smule" app from Google Play.

Sign In

Sign in with Google Account to get all the features of the app.

Trial is only for testing the app. After downloading 5 songs as MP3, the Convert to MP3 options will be disabled. You can still use the app but it will download as M4A file. Download video as MP4 will always be available.


Enter your Smule ID.

How to use?

Click the purple download icon and wait until it finish. The downloaded song can be found in "Internal Storage/Download" folder.

You can use any music player to open the song. Please note that not all music player are able to display embedded lyrics in .mp3 file.

Playing downloaded song

Screen Shots

Sign-In - Profile - Settings - Channel - Favorite - Search - Joiner - Lyrics - Download Folder

Sign in with Google
Profile page
Settings page
Channel page
Favorite page
Search page
Joiner page
Lyrics page
Download folder

Behind the apps

We are Smule enthusiast, software developer and music lovers who wants to make something useful for the community







What Do They Say?

What's New?

2023-01-16 - v1.9.1:
- Fixed no sound when play song

2023-01-16 - v1.9.0:
- Supports Android 12
- Fixed blank Channel song list

2022-11-01 - v1.8.4:
- Fixed blank Channel song list

2022-10-21 - v1.8.3:
- Fixed blank profile photo

2022-07-13 - v1.8.2:
- Fixed application crash on start

2021-10-23 - v1.7.0:
- Fixed "Download Failed" error
- New logo

2021-01-25 - v1.6.0:
- Supports Android 11
- Added option for download to music/video library (Android 10+)

2020-12-04 - v1.5.4:
- Supports Android 10

2020-10-13 - v1.4.0:
- Supports Android 9

2019-01-25 - v1.3.5:
- Supports Android 8

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